Our stand at London Book Fair - part of our Publicity programme, bringing awareness of our work to the industry.

The Book Trade Charity 2020 Appeal – Help Us Open Doors!

Please help The Book Trade Charity (BTBS) to open doors – by building affordable housing for new entrants to the book trade and giving them a crucial start in their careers.

The Book Trade Charity delivers vital support to people in the book trade who are in need. For those starting out in publishing, it has embarked on a large building project to provide affordable accommodation. You can help us now by sponsoring MyRide London 100 mile cycle in aid of the Book Trade Charity 2020 Appeal!

For more than 180 years, The Book Trade Charity has provided invaluable assistance across a range of issues to those who have worked or seek to work in any part of the book industry. The Charity’s quiet, steady support has been life-changing for many.

The Book Trade Charity (BTBS) is a small charity, with a turnover of £700,000 per year.  Donations of any size are therefore particularly welcome to help us continue supporting colleagues in need, and offering assistance to the next generation who face financial barriers to entry in to the industry. Committing to a regular monthly, quarterly or annual donation will help us to budget for the constant, and growing, demands on our limited resources. 

Fundraising complaints procedure:

If you have an issue or complaint relating to our fundraising, please let us know. We will aim to resolve this as quickly and efficiently as we can, in a fair, personal and confidential manner. As a charity receiving donations we recognise we have a responsibility to ensure a transparent and ethical approach to fundraising.

This procedure offers an efficient and robust complaints process for supporters, in line with our values as a charitable organisation, and standards set by the Fundraising Regulator.

Fundraising does not represent a large part of our activity; nevertheless, we regard any complaints as an opportunity to improve, and to learn in order to provide a better service and experience.

The complaints procedure is to ensure that we:

  • listen, and respond, to people who raise an issue with us
  • respond swiftly and efficiently
  • are responsive, fair and consistent
  • offer valid explanations and solutions
  • provide a further stage of the process in order that, if complainants are unhappy with the response, this can be raised at a more senior, or independent, level
  • if complaints are about individuals, we will ensure support/training is provided to them
  • at all times, maintain and respect confidentiality
  • record complaints in a consistent manner, and monitor the processes
  • ensure complaints are used to learn and improve
  • protect anyone raising a concern or complaint from victimisation and/or harassment.

How to complain:

Send your complaint in any one of the following ways:

email: [email protected]

Post: The Book Trade Charity (BTBS), The Foyle Centre, 28 The Retreat, Kings Langley. Hertfordshire WD4 8LT

Telephone: 01923 263128

Our response:

Your complaint will be reviewed, and we will aim to respond within seven working days of receipt.
If the matter requires further investigation we will provide an update within ten working days of receipt. If you are unsatisfied with our response, your complaint will be referred to the Chief Executive for a review, and response. We aim to complete investigations within a maximum of four weeks.

Taking your complaint outside The Book Trade Charity (BTBS):

If you are still dissatisfied with our response, you are entitled to raise the matter with the Fundraising Regulator. This is the regulatory body for UK fundraising and oversees charities and agencies compliance with the Code of Fundraising Practice. They can adjudicate on complaints relating to fundraising activities where the complainant and the charity cannot reach a resolution. Complaints are required to be assessed by the charity before the issue can be raised with the Fundraising Regulator.

Fundraising Regulator:

2nd Floor, CAN Mezzanine
49 – 51 East Road
London N1 6AH
Tel. 0300 999 3407