The Book Trade Charity 2020 Appeal – Help Us Open Doors!

Please help The Book Trade Charity (BTBS) to open doors – by building affordable housing for new entrants to the book trade and giving them a crucial start in their careers.

The Book Trade Charity delivers vital support to people in the book trade who are in need. For those starting out in publishing, it has embarked on a large building project to provide affordable accommodation. You can help us now by sponsoring MyRide London 100 mile cycle in aid of the Book Trade Charity 2020 Appeal!

For more than 180 years, The Book Trade Charity has provided invaluable assistance across a range of issues to those who have worked or seek to work in any part of the book industry. The Charity’s quiet, steady support has been life-changing for many.

To donate, visit:

Cycling Team BTBS aka The Magnificent 7: so far, £2,251 raised!

 Jeremy Brinton

  1. Rex Elston, Kogan Page (3 speed bike - Herculean effort)
  2. Marcus Agerman-Ross, Tac Press

Hachette (senior team) - mobilised 

  1. Robert Manser, Sales Director, Hachette
  2. Jamie Hodder-Williams (previous best was 30 miles), CEO, Hodder & Stoughton and Trade Publishing Director
  3. David McTeague (team leader), Business Intelligence Product Manager, Hachette
  4. Tony Newell, Group Credit Controller, Octopus
  5. Apologies: Richard Kitson, Deputy Group Chief Executive, Hachette