Income (2019):

Donations & legacies (voluntary income): £284,500 (37.3%)

Rental income:                                       £376,500 (49.4%)

Events (including booksales):                  £  80,300 (10.5%)

Investment income:                               £  21,100 (  2.8%)


Grants (inc grants administration):         £291,400 (36.7%)

Housing costs:                                      £442,600 (55.8%)

Fundraising & Publicity:                         £  59,800 ( 7.5%)

Donations received range from regular personal gifts, between £120 and £1,200 pa, one-off personal donations (between £50 and £2,500 pa) and donations from companies and grant-making trusts (between £1,000 and £20,000 pa).  We are grateful for any level of committed, regular support as this allows us to budget sensibly.

The spread of sources for income means that we are not overly-dependent on any one route for funding, but Capital Developments (of which there have been four projects in the last 20 years) would not be achievable without new and dedicated fundraising - we are currently appealing for £500,000 for Whetstone, and have so far achieved £240,000.

The present unprecedented Covid-19 crisis would have put a great strain on our normal Grants budget - but with the support of the trade, new and additional funds were raised on our behalf, allowing us to support many booksellers and bookshop staff facing hardship.  We are pround of the fact that we have never rejected an eligible, worthy application from an individual in need due to shortage of funds - but this is an ongoing challenge to make sure that, by strong and sensible management, we can continue to be in this position - without continued support from colleagues in the trade we would not be able to live up to this pledge.

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