Did you know that The Book Trade Charity has already given over £225,000 in grants to Booksellers and people in Publishing during the Covid crisis? The fund is still open and there to support you if your income has been affected during the pandemic. Anyone working in the trade during the crisis is eligible for our means-tested grants which are there to:

  • help people to meet their rent or mortgage costs
  • enable people to address outstanding debts
  • help individuals or families with their living costs
  • support people with training and development

If you would like a confidential chat about how we could help, please call Glenda on 01923 263128 or download our application form here

'The grant from The Book Trade Charity in May was a god-send. It helped me to pay bills over the summer, and has given me time to look for more work. During this crisis, so many people have slipped between the cracks of government funding, and it’s schemes like this that have saved them.'