Welfare Grants: (for people who have worked in the book trade for more than one year) 

You can apply for financial support from BTBS.  Complete and return (by email or post) the relevant application form, and enclose copies of your bank statements for the last two months for any accounts you (and your partner, if appropriate) hold, including Savings accounts.  Tell us on the form how you would like us to consider helping you; if you feel your situation is complicated, feel free to add additional information.  Grants are means-tested, so we need full information regarding your income and expenditure.  We will then assess your application against our guidelines (agreed by the Charity's Grants & Housing Committee, and trustees) and calculate whether you are eligible for a grant, and how much we might award.  Grants, either one-off or regular (occasionally both) will be paid directly into your bank account, except where it is more appropriate for one-off grants to be paid directly to suppliers/contractors.

Regular and/or One-off:


Training/refresher grants:

We offer grants to those who are eligible, to improve or develop skills through training and career guidance where this will help in obtaining employment in the Book Trade. Whilst such awards are predominantly aimed at those who are currently unemployed or at risk of redundancy, we can consider courses which provide career development in the industry.


Covid-19 Hardship Fund for Booksellers:

2020 has seen an unprecedented situation where the Covid-19 pandemic has meant many people are facing hardship.  Funds were specifically raised to help booksellers and bookshop staff, and since the beginning of the crisis we have given away over £130,000 to qualifying applicants.  If you feel you are eligible for such support, please use the form below.  (NB, this fund is for bookshop staff only - if you work, or worked, in other trades in the industry, we will consider an application within our normal Welfare Grants programme - please use the form on the link above):


Testimonial received: 'The grant from The Book Trade Charity in May was a god-send. It helped me to pay bills over the summer, and has given me time to look for more work. During this crisis, so many people have slipped between the cracks of government funding, and it’s schemes like this that have saved them.'

Internship Support and Entry Into The Book Trade:

Young people (normally under 30 years of age) who would like to apply for support in seeking to enter the book industry, in apprenticeships, internships (which must be paid) or first/second roles in the trade should read the guidelines in the link below, and use this application form:


If you are not sure about how to apply, an exploratory phone call to us, on 01923 263128 would be welcome.

Please feel free to complete and return one of our grant forms or call us to have a chat about the possible options

For Entry Into The Book Trade, Internship Support initiative and short term accommodation applications,
we would be grateful if you could also complete and return the Diversity Monitoring Form: