We have just launched a small, unique development of 17 new apartments providing a first home for people starting their Book Trade career in London. Affordable, safe and beautiful, we couldn’t be prouder of these homes and our ambition to create a diverse, vibrant community of people entering our trade. 

Our commitment doesn’t stop there though - we also have a grants programme, and (should you qualify financially) may be able to help successful applicants with removal costs and/or the purchase of essential household items. The grants application process is straightforward and confidential.


All our tenancies are Assured Shorthold Tenancies (ASTs)

We want to help as many young entrants to the trade as possible in the coming years. Our intention therefore is that our tenancies for these applicants be regarded as a “stepping-stone” and the anticipation is that tenants will be in a position to move on within 1-2 years to allow for new applicants to benefit from the scheme.


Applicants will normally be starting their first or second jobs in publishing or bookselling, or taking up internships or apprenticeships (of not less than six months). We welcome applications from all new entrants to the trade, but we are keen to help those most in need of support and to help promote diversity in the trade, so where there are more applicants than vacancies we will prioritise these according to criteria. This may include (but is not limited to) those people:

· starting out in their publishing careers who consider themselves to be underrepresented entrants

· facing financial hardship

· currently in insecure or unsuitable housing

· with an unreasonable or challenging commute to London.

· between 18-35 year-old, but younger applicants who are moving away from home for the first time may be prioritised

· clear commitment, passion and ambition for a career in the UK book trade

If you are interested in joining a vibrant and diverse community of people who are entrants to the Book Trade please apply here or contact Glenda at [email protected] for further information.

Download the brochure 

Exterior, Whetstone

Kitchen area